The International Specialty Club
     May 30 & 31, 2015 
Olympia, Washington 


  • Vendor spaces are offered in 10x10 increments; we offer both single and double booth spaces.
  • Booth space is available based upon category of product or service and the date of receipt of the Vendor Application.
  • Limit of two (2) vendors to a single (10X10) or double (10X20) space.  Both vendors must complete and sign the Vendor Agreement.
  • This show hall is not draped. You will need to bring your own partitions and fixtures if desired.
  • The vendor space rental fee does not include tables.  You may bring up to two 8' tables per 10' x 10' booth. Or, you can rent the Center's table(s) at $10 per table.
  • If you have any special booth space requirements, please indicate these under "Special Requirements" on the Vendor Agreement.  If you need electricity, we will make every effort to find you a working outlet; however, we strongly suggest that you bring an extension cord.


  • To book a vendor booth, mail the enclosed Vendor Agreement with your payment to our Vendor Coordinator, or submit our Vendor Form.
  • To secure your booth reservation, your online or printed Vendor Agreement and your payment must reach us no later than Friday, May 24, 2015. All payments are nonrefundable. A fee of $30.00 plus bank fees will be assessed for any returned checks; such checks must be claimed with cash before the vendor will be allowed to set up.
  • In addition to the rental amounts listed in the Vendor Agreement, each vendor must provide one or more raffle gifts with a total value of $30 or more by no later than 10 a.m. on Saturday.


  • You can set up your booth space on Friday between 6 pm and 9 pm.  NOTE: There will be no setup available on Saturday.
  • All vendors are required to remain in the show hall, and open for business, during the advertised show hours, which are from 10:00am – 5:00pm on Saturday and 9:00am – 4:00pm on Sunday.
  • All vendors must confine themselves to the space assigned, unless given specific permission by the Show Manager to relocate or expand. All expansions and most relocation will be subject to additional fees. No relocations, load-in/load-out, or storage of items will be permitted during advertised show hours.


The Washington State Department of Revenue requires that all vendors be registered with the state.  This license must be displayed in the vendor booth for both days of the show.  If you need a Washington State tax registration, please call (800) 647-7706.  You may want to go to the WA website to look for forms for WA State tax identification numbers at the following URL:  


Regardless of your type of business license, you are reminded that you must collect Washington State Sales Tax on any items sold at our event. The City of Olympia sales tax rate is 8.7%. 


Vendors must be self-insured against breakage, lost or stolen items. The show hall will be secured after show hours.

Each Vendor agrees to indemnify and hold the Club, the State of Washington, the City of Olympia, the Red Lion Hotel Olympia, and their respective members, agents, officers, servants and employees harmless from and against any claims relating directly or indirectly to the use by Vendor of the space allocated to Vendor; including, and without limitation, actions of the Vendor in setting up and tearing down Vendor's booth space and/or loss due to theft or breakage.


The International Specialty Club will provide vendor booth space and chairs. Tables are available (if applicable), on a space-available basis and as paid for on the Vendor Agreement (Vendor Form). The Club does not assume any other obligations, responsibilities, or liabilities. The Club reserves the right to refuse booth space to, or to eject any vendor whose behavior has caused problems with exhibitors, spectators, or show management. Vendor space fees are non-refundable.

Each Vendor agrees to abide by all terms and requirements listed in the Vendor Packet, as well as all terms set forth on this page. Vendor must provide all equipment, labor and fixtures beyond that stated in this agreement.  All fees must be paid before vendor will be allowed to set up.  In addition to paying any rental fees, vendor agrees to provide the Club with one or more raffle prizes with a total value of $30 or more by no later than 10:00AM on Saturday.

Every vendor booth comes with a free business-card ad!

Be sure to email or snail-mail your business-card ad copy
 to the Vendor Coordinator
no later than May 24.

Please send your ad in electronic picture format
(JPG, PNG, GIF); please, no .DOC, .PUB, or .PDF files.

Early Bird: April 1, 2015

Regular: May 24, 2015